I’m a content strategist, writer and editor, but sometimes I shorten that to simply "content junkie." Originally from Texas, I now work and live in Los Angeles, but that doesn't stop me from dropping a “y’all” during conversation, bragging about the fact that Austin really is (and should stay) weird or arguing about the simple art of breakfast tacos.


As a writer, I tell stories. As an editor, I improve stories. As a content strategist, I unify the stories into one clear, consistent message. And as a content junkie, I sort of obsess over it all. Of course, there’s a few things I do in between, but what it pretty much boils down to is that I'm a prober. I ask questions. I dig. I listen. I analyze. I synthesize. I solve problems. And when I'm not jonesing for successful and usable content experiences, you can find me taking a couple of beginner coding classes, freelance writing and editing, and taking my adorable pup (no biases, I promise) to the dog park.


I'm one of those people that can recall the exact moment I became a content junkie. It started at the age of 12, when I purchased my first magazine. I fell in love with the editorial experience  and basically the entire concept  of print magazines, and since then, I've been consumed with content in some form or fashion  first as a writer, then an editor, then a content strategist, and now as a combination of all three.


I’ve worked with various print and digital publications, brands and retailers. From RadioShack to FILTER magazine, my work spans across multiple disciplines and mediums. In my most recent adventure, I worked on a slew of online publisher and ecommerce properties, developing content, branding and social media strategies, building a content team and crafting a strategic vision for a new CMS designed to support multichannel publishing.


The short answer is passion. The not-so-short answer is that I have a lot of feelings. No really. Hear me out: I believe the most powerful content experiences are those that resonate with people and spark an emotional connection, but I've seen a lot of seemingly awesome experiences fall flat on its face. My hope is that by having a lot of feelings  more professionally known as empathy — I can transcend basic content best practices by designing meaningful content solutions that people actually (dare I say it?) love.